Frequently Asked Questions

What must I do when I am planning to move in or out?

As soon as you know you are moving in or out, you need to contact The Management Office in the West building at 703-560-8320. For a move-in you need to make an appointment for an Orientation. You will be put on the schedule to have the elevator available. You should do this as soon as you know you are moving so there won't be any conflicts with the elevator schedule. If you are moving in, you will have to pay an Move-In Fee to help cover the costs of administration and wear-and-tear related to moving. If you are moving out, your fobs and Idylwood ID need to be turned in to the office and you need to schedule the use of the elevator.

Moving Hours: Monday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sundays and Holidays: No move-in, move-out or deliveries allowed

If I am just moving from one Idylwood Towers unit to another, do I need to pay the administrative fee?

Yes. The administrative fee must be paid whenever your address changes to a new unit number or building. An orientation, scheduling the elevator for this move, paperwork to re-register cars, storage, a new Pohto-ID Card, Entraguard programming, etc. need to be taken care of as soon as your move is scheduled to take place.

What must I do when I am having furniture or appliances delivered?

As soon as you know you'll be having a delivery of some kind you need to contact the receptionist at the Management Office at 703-560-8320. The receptionist will put you on the delivery schedule to have the freight elevator in your building (elevator #3) padded and reserved for your date and time.

Your old large items furniture, appliances, carpet etc. must be removed from Idylwood property. We do not have a large-item pick-up.

How do I dispose of bulky items?

Call the management office to schedule the freight elevator. You need to make your own arrangements to have large items -- such as furniture, old appliances, carpeting, old cabinets etc. -- hauled away. Our regular trash pickup does not include removal of these large items.

How do my guests use the Entraguard phone at each building?

An electronic entry system is installed in the outer lobby of your building. It alphabetically lists the name of each principal resident. Your visitor simply presses the "down" mark to scroll down the list until your last name appears beside the " >" mark. Pressing the "Enter" button dials your 10 digit home phone number. When you answer your home phone and identify your visitor, you may open the front lobby door by pressing "9" on your touch tone phone. Visitors can call the front desk receptionist by dialing 335 and press the "Enter" button.

Will pressing #9 on my cell phone buzz someone in at the Entraguard?

Yes, if your cell is a local number.

When do I need to fill out an admit-slip and leave a key?

If you are having a friend, family, maid service, contractor, repairmen, our maintenance staff, etc. enter your unit, you must fill out an admit-slip. Your key will be signed out and logged in upon it's return. We will not issue a key without your written permission.

When do I notify the front desk?

The receptionist needs to be aware of calls to the Police or 911 so the elevator can be secured and the police or emergency personnel can be directed to the correct unit. As a courtesy to other residents, it is best to notify the front desk receptionist when you are expecting a guest or delivery of carry out food. This helps the receptionist provide proper lobby surveillance while letting your delivery person gain entry without delay. East Receptionist - 703-560-8510. West Receptionist - 703-560-8320.

I'm going away for a while, do I need to let the office know?

Yes, just in case we have an emergency, we should know when you return. If you have given a friend a key to look in on your unit, plants or pets, be sure you have filled out an admit-slip in case someone reports a suspicious person going into your unit.

What does Idylwood's "Preventive Maintenance" program cover?

It covers a wide range of routine services to help your home operate properly. The services include: changing air filters, checking and installing smoke detectors, replacing smoke detector batteries, servicing the A/C motors, checking the plumbing in the kitchen and bathrooms, and checking the bathroom tiles, caulk, washer hoses and valves, and electrical outlets. This service is performed annually in the fall. This service is free when residents participate on the date assigned. Residents who elect to have this service completed at a different time will be charged $10.00. It is very important to have this service performed.

What is an "In-Unit Services" program?

Idylwood's staff is qualified to perform a variety of maintenance services in your home. All authorized services must be arranged by filling out a work order at the front desk.

Our staff is strictly prohibited from performing or billing separately for "side jobs" at Idylwood Towers.

Does our in-house maintenance staff repair appliances?

No. This is not possible because of the variety of appliances installed. You must call a service technician who specializes in the repair of your appliances. If you would like the names of technicians who regularly perform these repairs at Idylwood Towers, contact the front desk receptionist or ask management for a list. Before engaging a technician, you should check references and inquire into the quality of their work.

My faucets drip, my toilet runs, how do I get this fixed?

This is not a FREE service. Fill out a work order at the front desk, as well as an admit-slip. Leave a key with the receptionist if you are unable to be present.

The maintenance staff will fix the dripping faucet or the running toilet.

My smoke detector chirps, beeps ... what do I do?

Fill out a work order and an admit-slip at the front desk. The maintenance staff will determine what is wrong with the detector. Usually a chirping noise indicates that your battery is loose or needs replacing.

My unit door lock has a problem. Can maintenance repair and install locks and keys?

No. We do not repair locks. You would contact a locksmith to arrange for them to do this type of repair. Be sure you fill out an admit-slip and leave your current key with the receptionist for the contractor if you won't be home.