Board of Directors

The Idylwood Towers Council of Co-owners, founded in 1973, is the condominium association responsible for operating Idylwood Towers on behalf of its co-owners. All co-owners of a condominium unit within Idylwood Towers are members of the Council.

Each Board member has signed the Code of Ethics and filed an Ethics Disclosure Statement, copies of which are available at the front desk for review by co-owners.


Sound multifamily property management standards recommend that capital reserve requirements be reevaluated every two or three years by an independent, professional engineering firm.

The Board of Directors is following that recommended practice so that investment decisions are based on the best obtainable information on Idylwood's long-term capital needs.

In 2000 the Board contracted with Facilities Engineering Associates, Inc. (FEA), a qualified, independent engineering firm, to formally update Idylwood's replacement reserve study. FEA's report was submitted to the Board in January 2001. The Board based its current 20-year Capital Budget on that study and line-by-line consultations with FEA engineers.

The Board expects to update that capital reserve analysis regularly as appropriate. Please go to our Finance page to see the current FEA study.