About Us

General Description

  • Idylwood Towers includes two high-rise buildings with 484 residential units.
  • Completed in 1974, the concrete and brick structures provide excellent sound insulation and fire resistance. The twenty-two acre complex includes ample parking as well as unusually large grounds with extensive lawns, mature trees and landscaping.
  • Owners and residents represent their interests through the Council of Co-Owners which has an active Board of Directors.
  • Idylwood offers a variety of amenities:
  • including a large swimming pool
  • fitness centers
  • tennis courts and basketball court
  • cookout areas
  • a children's playground
  • pool rooms
  • rooms for community activities or private parties.

Idylwood's Strategy for Co-Owner Value Improvement:

  • Sound management: We have top-flight professional management for all of Idylwood's operations and assets.
  • Efficient operation: Tighter control of Idylwood's Operating Budget brings major cost-savings. It is improving resident services, upgrading our property's appearance, and carrying out quality preventive maintenance.
  • Value-based investment: Idylwood has a balanced, multi-year Capital Investment Plan that is based on independent, professional analysis to maximize our property's value in this challenging market.
  • Co-owner service: A strong Code of Ethics for Board Members helps ensure that our Association represents all co-owners fairly. Co-owners have open access to Board decisions, financials and other important information operations.

Idylwood's value strategy gives balanced attention to:

  • Replacing and upgrading of basic building systems to achieve reliable, efficient operation: including heating/cooling systems, elevators, safety alarms and parking lots.
  • Refurbishing and enhancing Idylwood's "curb and corridor appeal": including lobbies, corridor lighting and design, signage, landscaping and exterior lighting.
  • Maintaining and improving residential amenities to market standards: including swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness centers and common rooms.